Gelen Öğrenci

Artvin Coruh University, offering a higher education service that is strengthened by the internal and external quality processes in accordance with the national and international programs in a peaceful academic atmosphere and enables to do researches in order to contribute to science and produce useful knowledge and technology, was founded on May 17th, 2007. Artvin Coruh University aims to raise people, sensible to problems of the country and the world, who have responsibility and are equipped by knowledge and skills that are validate throughout the universe. It has been in a period of a rapid development and change since the day it was founded. Artvin Coruh University has been planned as two campuses, Şehir and Seyitler, far from each other about 3 km., to implement education, research and social-cultural activities. 

Application Deadlines for incoming students are:

For Spring Term First of November

For Fall Term First of July

The principal vision of Artvin Coruh University is the participation of the academicians and students in the governance of the university and to raise scientists and professionals that the country needs by forming common two-year degree and bachelor degree programs and master degree programs in the related areas of the region in accordance with the requirements of today and expectations for the future. There are different educational programs in different academical units (faculty, high school, vocational high school, institute) at the level of two-year, bachelor’s, master and doctoral degree programs in Artvin Coruh University. Moreover, Continuing Education, Application and Research Center of Artvin Coruh University organizes courses in order to develop knowledge and skills of the students.

Artvin Coruh University gives the opportunity to the students studying abroad. The most important project in this context is Erasmus Mobility Program financially supported by European Union. It enables students to develop their knowledge and experiences in 32 universities with whom Bilateral Agreements were made in 13 EU countries in the framework of Erasmus+ Mobility Program.

A nurse and a psychologist serve students, academicians and administrative staff in Artvin Coruh University. Psychological counseling and guidance by the psychologist continues throughout the year. The health department offers first aid services and emergency care services. Our students has benefitted from general health insurance for January 1, 2012.

The dining halls within the body of our university serve students 4 kind of cheap and quality food. There are dormitories within the body of General Directorate of Higher Education

Credit and Dormitories Agency in Artvin. These dormitories accommodate 830 female and 500 male students. Also, there are several private dormitories in Artvin. Eventually, 2477 students can live in either state or private dormitories.

Associations and foundations give scholarships to successful but economically poor students. Our university gives the students the opportunity of working part-time in the university to be successful in the social life and contribute to their budget economically. They work in the library, computer labs, culture and congress center, health services department, social and sport facilities, greenhouse, laboratories and some academic and administrative units. And, our university helps students who are not able to pay for food.

1 indoor sports hall, 2 outdoor astroturfs, 1 tennis court, 1 volleyball and basketball court take place in Seyitler Campus of the university. Additionally, Hopa Campus has 1 fitness hall, 2 outdoor astroturfs and 1 volleyball and basketball court. The indoor sports hall includes a gym, sauna and steam room. Our students use the facilities for free. Also, our university enables students social, sportive and cultural courses. Our university organizes different kind of activities for the purpose of socialization of the students besides protecting and increasing physical and mental health of the students. Sport festivals are organized every year and within this scope there are tournaments between the student such branches as football, basketball, volleyball and, also individually, chess, tennis, table tennis.

Our university attends intercollegiate contests in different branches. Spring Fest, Kite Fest, Snow Fest, Nature Tours, Technical Tours, Poem Performances and Concerts have become traditional; the staff and the student show great interest and participation to the activities.